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I am Nicholas. Or in Dutch: Nicolaas. Or Nic to keep it simple. I am now living as an expat in the Provence, France. After having lived in Belgium. Raised in UK and The Netherlands and born in a country that does not exist anymore (was Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe). Probably that explains my interest in destinations and traveling. 

I always have worked and are still working in in aerospace. First selling aircraft to commercial airlines all over the world. As a result traveling a lot for business as executive. And living the life of a digital nomad. Always on the look out for great hotels, things to do, great restaurants in the destinations I visited. Experiencing all the different ways local tourism providers and in those days the tourist boards provided information. And remember, this was partly in the era there was no Internet or mobile. So digital marketing for tourism and travel has become my hobby.

I am an expat now. Still working in aerospace. And living in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world: the Provence in France. And what my destination will be tomorrow I do not know.

New models of digital marketing for tourism and travel

As you may already have seen from reading my blog posts I have always seen and still see a great opportunity for new models of digital marketing and providing services to people visiting locations and destinations. For tourism providers, travel companies, (national or local) governments, including their tourism boards and destination marketing organisations and businesses in the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions). Digital marketing strategies that are performance-based and result-oriented. purely focused on growing visits and income. And introducing new models not yet widely applied in SMEs working in tourism like those also used in affiliate marketing. Strangely enough, in this industry these are still quite revolutionary concepts.

So many years ago I founded my own companies helping small and big tourism businesses like hotels, attractions and tour organizers and cities, regions and provinces setting up their destination development strategies. And working with tourist offices on content marketing or setting up mobile information channels. Also in business tourism and MICE. Including setting up website strategies and digital marketing for convention bureaus.

TimeSpots. The first mobile guide in 2002, Amsterdam!

For all the other stuff I am and have been doing you can visit my LinkedIn profile. If you want, please connect.

Tourism providers and MICE businesses

So this site is for you businesses working in tourism or (business) travel to attract visitors to your location(s). Offering tourism products, services and experiences to people travelling. Or providing accommodation or organising MICE events. Transport companies, hospitality companies, travel agents, tour operators and other related businesses. But also other companies involved in servicing your visitors’ needs. Like hotels, hostels, B&Bs, campings and restaurants. And attractions, event organizers, conference centers, event locations, shops and so on.

Not only are you working or located in a ‘destination’. Your product or service itself is also a ‘destination’ for your visitors and guests. And you are also doing ‘destination marketing’ in one way or another. With or without support from your local DMO or DMC.

You are working hard to run your business, using the Internet to sell your products and services. At the same time you are busy making sure your visitors and guests have a great experience. Which they are are happy to ew online. With the goal to attract more guests and visitors and make better profits.

You are trying also to find new ways to reach audience online in a more effective way. And work together with other businesses in your destination. And to find ways to improve revenues. You want to better know what happens with each euro or dollar spent by you on marketing and promotion. Or on your DMO/DMC membership). Does it lead to higher sales? This site will help you to understand and teach you how affiliate marketing works. In a simple and effective way, even if you have no background in building web presence, local-, online- or affiliate marketing at all.

Digital marketing for local governments, DMOs, CVBs and MICE organisations

So this site is also for you, local governments, tourism businesses or meeting organizers. Working together in a central organisation promoting your destination to tourists, (business) travelers and event organizers.

You used to call it a tourism office, convention bureau or tourism organisation. Now you use a new phrase for that! You are now called a destination marketing organisation (‘DMO’). Or ‘destination marketing company’ (‘DMC’). But is more of the same really, isn’t it?

You are promoting a village, city, region, province or country. Or group of local businesses. Supporting local tourism and MICE providers which are paying members of your organisation. Providing content and information to the visitors to your place. With the goal to attract more visitors and/or increase money spent in your ‘destination’. But no one is measuring it, are they?

Also, you are more and more confronted with reductions in public subsidy money. Or more and more businesses turning away from your organisation. So you are looking for a new role. And more quantifiable ways for measuring your marketing performance. Proving how this helps your DMO or DMC business members in your destination. We can help you. Measurable growth of visits and income should be your reason of existence.

Bloggers, vloggers and publishers

And we are here for you, the people who like to write about where they live. Or blog or vlog about other destinations they have visited. On your own website or blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Looking for other ways to increase the number of people following you. Getting links from other other sites and vice versa.

And you may also want to earn some extra money or ‘passive income’. To cover some of the costs related to keeping up a blog or of traveling around the world like a digital nomad. Or even turning it into your job. We will show you how.

Also you may one day want to be a guest blogger on this site or write other content for us.

For you all. Again welcome to this site. And I hope this site and blog will be of great help to you and your destination.

Finally, this is the beginning of a journey for me. I hope to also meet and start working together with you. And other like-minded people. Helping tourism- and MICE businesses and organisations in marketing their destinations, products and services.

Which means you could be the next guest blogger, content writer, translator, designer or also on this About page as part of the team also very soon!


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