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Destination Marketing Should Attract Visitors, But Does It?

There is nearly no research that actually shows that DMOs are directly responsible for increases in visitor arrivals, length of stay, spending and other performance metrics’ related to destination marketing activities and competitiveness.

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Does Destination Marketing Actually Help Local Businesses?

Does destination marketing actually lead to an increase in visitors and revenues for local businesses? Tourism companies, local tour operators and shops targeting tourists and visitors? Does advertising and branding by destination marketing organisations (DMOs) really help improve the bottom … Read More

Local Marketing/SEO tourism and travel

Local Marketing Most Important for Travel and Tourism

Local marketing/SEO has become and will continue to be very important to any local business targeting customers on location. Of all marketing strategies a travel company or tourism business can deploy, local SEO is definitely the most effective one. Especially, for travel and tourism companies and businesses targeting travelers, tourists and other visitors on location.